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Seeing the Unseen

Seeing the Unseen



Water gushing out of a faucet, a spring breeze wafting in through an open window, shafts of late summer light filtering through the forest canopy…
All of these are common scenes.

Yet we often live our lives without being conscious or appreciative of the most vital elements forming nature, such as water and air, sun and wind.  These are things we take for granted—they simply exist. But, if we change our perspective, change our consciousness, then these scenes and their state suddenly take on a different appearance.
        “The world we think we’re seeing, but not really seeing”
There, an unfathomable world exists transcending our imagination.
At turns nostalgic and unsettling, it’s a world that speaks to something deep in our past, before our existence.
It speaks to a “fragment of memory.”

—Yasuo Konishi


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