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Luminous Darkness

Yasuo Konishi



The images in this limited edition monograph are a portrait of water—the force of all life—shot entirely on 35mm with no digital manipulation.

Yasuo Konishi sets out on a photographic journey into water to illuminate the unseen.  He discovers a complex web of abstractions, which ignite sunken, visceral memories.  They draw out primitive, wordless questions of the mysteries: Weight of death, lightness of being, Alchemy of creation…


Printed in a first edition of 500 copies

Art Direction by Hideyuki Taguchi at RAM

Designed by Naoko Harashima and Ryoko Saegusa at RAM

Printed and bound in Japan by Tokyo Inshokan Printing Co., Ltd.

Printing Direction by NoboruTakayanagi

Published by Yasuo Konishi and Kate Klippensteen at Kelele Works, 2014

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